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Flip & Go Strategy Guide - How to succeed in tournaments

12 Sep 2022
James Smith 12 Sep 2022
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  • Learn the Basics of playing in a Flip & Go tournament
  • Get Flip & Go strategy tips to help you win!
  • The Flip
  • The Go
  • Leaderboard
Flip & Go is massively popular with poker players. If you’re new to playing Flip & Go tournaments, here are some basic strategies which hopefully will help you at the poker tables.

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Flip & Go tournaments are split into 2 parts: The Flip stage and The Go stage.

During The Flip stage, players are automatically forced all-in. The winner at each table advances to the Go stage. This stage of a Flip & Go tournament lasts for around five minutes.

The Go stage is played by all individual table winners. Normal game play resumes at this point, with all of the players now in the money. This stage of the tournament lasts about one hour.

Four buy-in levels are offered at Flip & Go tournaments: $0.05, $0.50, $3 and $20. By offering several levels, most players will be able to enter regardless of their bankroll.

The Flip

When a Flip & Go tournament begins, you can buy into up to 8 Flip stages. Every flip stage that you win will be added to your starting stack for The Go stage. The more Flip stages you win, the bigger your Go stage starting stack will be.

As noted, the flip stage of the tournament is played in automatic “all-in” mode. However, instead of receiving the traditional 2 hole cards, each player is dealt 3 cards.

Once the deal is complete, each player has 30 seconds to discard one of the 3 cards before being forced all-in.

You can join with up to 5 times the buy-in, with each buy-in increasing your starting stack up to a maximum of 5,000 chips (1,000 chips per entry).

All of the buy-in strategies have benefits, but it is often best to join a flight with the maximum entries if your bankroll allows you to do this.

A good strategy here is try to give yourself an advantage going into the Go stage.

The Go

While there is some luck involved during the first stage of the Flip & Go tournaments, when you finally make it to The Go stage, things become a bit more relaxed and you have made it to The Money!

The Go stage starts every hour and players start with the total combined stacks from the Flip stage. On average, each player starts with a stack of around 40BB’s with blinds increasing every 5 minutes.

By starting with an average stack of 40BB, you have the ability to wait for a good or premium hand. If you have a big enough stack, you can also be tactical and apply some pressure to other players.

The aim here is very simple: to climb the money ladder as high as possible!

Flip & Go tournaments allow you to play your favourite games starting in the late stages of a tournament, skipping the early stage and focusing on practicing how to play when In the Money!


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