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Understanding GGPoker's Unique PVI Rake Structure: A Comprehensive Guide

19 Jul 2023
Chris Horton 19 Jul 2023
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  • Full guide to the rake system used at GGPoker
  • Find out how the Player Value Index (PVI) can benefit players
  • What is GGPoker's PVI Rake?
  • Changes to PVI Rake Structure
  • Key Concepts of the PVI Rake
  • Blind Groups and PVI Updates
  • Impacts of PVI on GGPoker Players
  • Impact of PVI on the GGPoker Fish Buffet
  • GGPoker Rake Structure
  • Conclusion has gained significant popularity as a thriving poker network, providing a wide range of games and catering to players of all skill levels. With an array of promotions, a diverse game library, and a lucrative VIP program, GGPoker continues to attract low-stakes players and high-rollers alike.

One notable feature that sets GGPoker apart is its Player Value Index (PVI) rake structure. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of GGPoker's rake system, explaining how it works and its impact on players.

What is GGPoker's PVI Rake?

GGPoker employs a unique approach to rake distribution known as the Player Value Index (PVI). When you play on the GGPoker network, the platform closely monitors playing patterns and results to assign you a PVI value. This value ranges from 0-2, with amateur players typically having a higher value (closer to 2) and more experienced players having a value below 1.

The exact calculations determining the PVI value are known only to GGPoker.

Changes to PVI Rake Structure

In July 2020, GGPoker implemented a minimum PVI multiplier of 0.1, meaning winning players can count only 10% of their rake. Before that, the minimum multiplier was 0.2. It is important to point out that the PVI multiplier can change without notice, depending on your playing behaviour.

Key Concepts of the PVI Rake

Several factors contribute to the PVI for each game, such as CHB Index, Pot size Index and Swing Index. Each factor is evaluated separately, not only for each game but also for each blind level.


Omaha and Hold'em games are evaluated based on factors like CHB Index, Pot size Index and Swing Index.

All-In or Fold games consider indexes such as All-In, Jackpot and Win/Loss.

Tournament scores are determined by factors such as Overlay Index, satellite, buy-in and skill.

PVI scores can change at any time, adjusting dynamically according to gameplay.

Blind Groups and PVI Updates

The Hold'em and Omaha games on GGPoker are split into four Blind Groups: Featured, High, Medium, and Low.

Each blind group can have a different PVI, which is updated at the end of every playing session. As a result, your PVI can vary for each session, enhancing the dynamic nature of GGPoker's rake structure.

Impacts of PVI on GGPoker Players

The PVI rake structure at GGPoker multiplies the fees that count in your favour. If your PVI index is less than one (typically associated with winning players) it decreases the rake considered for calculating rakeback.

As rake is continuously updated based on PVI, your rakeback can also change from month to month.

Several factors can influence PVI, including:

  • Playing and betting behaviour
  • Number of tables played
  • Deposits and withdrawals made

PVI rake structure is designed to level the playing field, however some professional players have been less than happy with the approach and have called for a more direct structure where higher volume means increased rakeback.

Although other online poker websites operate with such systems, GGPoker's unique PVI rake has drawn mixed reactions.

GGPoker PVI Rake Structure

Impact of PVI on the GGPoker Fish Buffet

GGPoker players have in recent months expressed uncertainty regarding how PVI affects the Fish Buffet rewards program.

PVI value influences the accumulation of points in the program, meaning the process of gaining Fish Buffet points has been slowed down for players with lower PVI values. This aspect particularly impacts winning players and professionals.

GGPoker Rake Structure

It is important to understand the rake structure at GGPoker. Here is an overview:

  • Cash Games (Hold'em and Omaha): Players pay a commission of 5% from their share of the hand pot.
  • Tournaments: While there is no rake, a tournament fee is typically applied as a percentage of the buy-in. Specific details for each event are available in the tournament lobby.
  • Rake Calculation: Rake is charged before the flop.


GGPoker's unique PVI rake structure sets it apart from other poker networks, offering a more tailored approach to cater to players of different skill levels.

The PVI method favours amateur and casual players, reflecting the majority of the network's global player base.

However, this approach has received mixed reviews from professional players and high rollers.

By understanding GGPoker's PVI rake structure, players can make informed decisions about their gameplay and better understand how it influences their rakeback and overall poker experience.

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