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GGPoker World Festival vs WSOP: Comparing the World's Biggest Poker Tournaments

26 Apr 2023
Chris Horton 26 Apr 2023
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  • GGPoker World Festival Information
  • GGPoker World Festival vs World Series of Poker
  • Comparison: GGPoker vs WSOP
GGPoker has recently announced the launch of its inaugural GGPoker World Festival, an online poker tournament series that boasts the largest-ever tournament series guarantee with a minimum of $200 million in prizes up for grabs.

GGPoker World Festival Information

The GGPoker World Festival will run from May 1 through June 6 and will feature hundreds of tournaments across four buy-in tiers: Low, Medium, High, and Super.

The Festival will kick off with the $5 Global MILLIONS Mystery Bounty Grand Opening tournament, which is the very first $5 tournament with $1 million guaranteed and a $100K top bounty. This flagship event is expected to draw a large number of players, with the opportunity to win big for a relatively small buy-in.

In addition to the flagship events, there are several other major tournaments to look out for, including the $500 Global MILLIONS 5 Million with a guaranteed prize pool of $5 million, the $1,500 GG World Festival 2023 Main Event with $8 million guaranteed and the $10,300 Super MILLIONS World Festival 10 Million with $10 million guaranteed.

Players can win their way into these events through satellite tournaments, which will run throughout the series.

One of the most exciting features of the GGPoker World Festival is the range of buy-in tiers available. With buy-ins ranging from as low as $2.50 all the way up to $25,500, there is a tournament suitable for every player, regardless of their budget. This inclusivity is one of the key features that sets the GGPoker World Festival apart from other major online poker tournaments.

To make the festival even more accessible to new players, GGPoker is offering a free $5 ticket to the Global MILLIONS Mystery Bounty Grand Opening event to all new players who sign up at and fully verify their account between April 27 and May 8. This offer is subject to licensing restrictions, but it is a great opportunity for new players to try their hand at a major tournament without risking their own money.

Another exciting feature of the GGPoker World Festival is the leaderboard competition. Players will earn leaderboard points for each event they play in, and there will be $100,000 in prizes on offer for each of the four buy-in tiers. This provides an additional level of competition and gives players the opportunity to win even more prizes.

The GGPoker World Festival is not only about the tournaments and prizes, however. The festival also offers a range of innovative games such as Rush & Cash, All-In or Fold, Flip & Go, Spin & Gold and Battle Royale. Features such as GG Care, GG Cheers, SnapCam video messaging, PokerCraft and Smart HUD are also available exclusively at GGPoker and are designed to enhance the gaming experience and make poker more fun than ever.

GGPoker World Festival vs World Series of Poker

Comparing the GGPoker World Festival to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) is an interesting exercise. The WSOP is undoubtedly the most prestigious live poker tournament series in the world, with a long history and a massive following. The WSOP features a range of tournaments with buy-ins ranging from a few hundred dollars up to $50,000 or more, and the Main Event is the most famous tournament in the series, with a $10,000 buy-in and a first-place prize of several million dollars.

The GGPoker World Festival, on the other hand, is an online-only tournament series, which makes it more accessible to players who are unable to travel to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker.

Additionally, the GGPoker World Festival features a wider range of buy-in tiers, which allows players with smaller bankrolls to compete in major tournaments with the chance to win big prizes. WSOP, by contrast, has higher buy-ins on average, which makes it more exclusive and potentially less accessible to some players.

Another notable difference between the two tournament series is the range of games and features on offer. While WSOP features a range of classic poker games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Seven-Card Stud, GGPoker is known for its innovative games and features such as Rush & Cash poker, Spin & Gold and SnapCam video messaging. These features are not available at WSOP and provide a unique and exciting gaming experience for GGPoker players.

In addition, the GGPoker bonus code NEWBONUS can be used by new players to try out the exclusive games and features. By using the code when registering, up to $600 poker bonus can be claimed.

It’s worth noting that the WSOP has also embraced online poker in recent years, with a number of online bracelet events now included in the tournament series. However, the majority of WSOP events are still held in Las Vegas, which makes it more difficult for international players to participate.

In terms of prize pools, the GGPoker World Festival’s $200 million guarantee is an impressive feat, especially for an online tournament series. The WSOP Main Event, by comparison, has a guaranteed prize pool of $10 million, which is still a substantial amount but pales in comparison to the GGPoker World Festival’s guarantee. However, the WSOP Main Event has a long and storied history, which makes it a more prestigious tournament in the eyes of many players.

One advantage that the WSOP has over the GGPoker World Festival is the live poker experience. While online poker has its own advantages, there is something special about playing in a live tournament with other players from around the world. The atmosphere and camaraderie that comes with live poker tournaments is something that can’t be replicated in an online setting.

Comparison: GGPoker vs WSOP

GGPoker World Festival
World Series of Poker (WSOP)
Tournament TypeOnlineLive/Online
Buy-in TiersLow, Medium, High, SuperVarious
Range of GamesInnovative games and featuresClassic poker games
InclusivitySuitable for players of all levelsHigher buy-ins
Guaranteed Prize Pool$200 million$10 million (Main Event)
PrestigeNewer tournament seriesLong history and prestige
Live Poker ExperienceNot availableAvailable (in Las Vegas)
It's fair to say that the GGPoker World Festival and the World Series of Poker have their own unique features and advantages, with both tournament series offering players the chance to compete for huge prizes and experience the excitement of major poker tournaments.

The GGPoker World Festival’s inclusivity and innovative features make it an exciting addition to the online poker landscape, while the WSOP’s long history and live poker experience continue to draw players from around the world. Ultimately, it’s up to individual players to decide which tournament series is right for them.