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GGPoker Tournament Types

27 Apr 2022
Phil Lowe 27 Apr 2022
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  • GGPoker has lots of tournaments for players to enjoy
  • Find out about the various tournaments you can play when you register at the biggest poker site in the world!
  • Guaranteed Tournaments
  • Freezeout
  • Progressive Bounty
  • Rebuy Tournaments
  • N-Stack Tournaments
  • Shootout Tournaments
  • Satellites
  • Turbo Tournaments
GGPoker has one of the largest tournament schedules in the world. Poker players can choose lots of different types of poker tournaments. On this page, we’ll tell you about all the different types of tournaments there are to play.

To play in any tournament, you will need to login or open a new account. If you’re yet to register at GGPoker, it only takes a minute to download the app and open your account.

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Guaranteed Tournaments

Guaranteed tournaments at GGPoker have a guaranteed prize pool). The guaranteed amount will be distributed even if the total buy-in amount is less than the guaranteed amount. If there are more buy-ins than the guaranteed prize pool, the total money pool will increase. If applicable, the guaranteed prize amount for each tournament can be viewed in the tournament lobby.


All players will receive an equal amount of tournament chips at the start of the tournament. If you lose all of your chips, then you will be eliminated from the tournament. If the tournament is not a rebuy tournament, then it will be a freezeout.

Progressive Bounty

In a Progressive Knockout (PKO) Bounty tournament, you have a ‘bounty’ on your head. When you are knocked out of a tournament, half of the value of the bounty will be added on to the bounty of the player who knocks you out. The other half of the bounty is awarded to the player who knocked you out as an instant cash prize!

Rebuy Tournaments

Enter a rebuy and at the start of tournament, all players will receive an equal amount of tournament chips. During the tournament, you have the opportunity to rebuy, which is purchasing additional chips equivalent to the starting chip stack.

You can rebuy at any time during the specified time period, when your current chip amount is equal to or below the starting chips. The number of available rebuys depending on the tournament you are playing in.

N-Stack Tournaments

New to GGPoker, N-Stack tournaments take place with each player being given a set number of chip stacks upon registration. Before taking your seat in the tournament, you can decide how many N-stacks you will start with, and how many you want to keep to use later.

Shootout Tournaments

In a Shootout Tournament, tables are not balanced as players are knocked out. Between 2 and 9 players can be seated at a table, and play continues until there is a winner on each. Once all tables in this first ’round’ have played down to a winner, those table winners will be reseated at a new table, with a second ’round’ then taking place.

Further rounds will continue in the same way until all of the prize winning positions have been filled and the tournament has an outright winner.


Satellite tournaments are qualifying events that give you an opportunity to win a seat to the main tournaments which have a higher buy-in.

At GGPoker you can enter Satellite tournaments to main event and Bounty Hunters tournaments in turbo and normal speed types.

Turbo Tournaments

Turbo tournaments are fast-paced variations of regular tournaments with shorter blind levels and less time to make your move. Log in to choose from a range of turbo tournaments ranging from satellites to daily guarantees.