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GGPoker T$ Tournament Builder: Build Your Bankroll With No Entry Fees

28 Nov 2023
Alex Waite 28 Nov 2023
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  • Enter T$ tournaments for free.
  • Build your T$ bankroll at GGPoker.
  • Tournament events start every 30 minutes.
  • New customers can sign up today and play with the NEWBONUS code.
GGPoker hosts T$ tournament games every 30 minutes where players can enter for free. If you win your match, you can receive T$ rewards to build your bankroll for further competitions, prizes and more.

This competition has different buy-ins ranging from $0.25 to $2. All players with an existing GGPoker account can also enter.

If you are a new customer and want to join the GGPoker platform, you can join today. In addition, all new players can complete the registration and enter the NEWBONUS code to get a 100% deposit bonus of up to $600.

How to Enter the T$ Tournament Builder Series

Participating in the T$ GGPoker tournament builder series is straightforward and entry takes just a few seconds.

Before you utilise the 0% entry fee structure, log into your account or set up a new GGPoker profile. 

Then you can get started with the T$ games by following these steps.

  1. Use the schedule to find your preferred T$ game.
  2. Players can enter buy-in levels of $0.25, $0.50, $1 and $2.
  3. If a minimum of two players have signed up, the game will go ahead.
  4. Earn T$ to use on further GGPoker games, competitions and promotions. 

However, some further rules apply to the T$ GGPoker tournament builder series. For instance, no satellite tournaments are included and a late registration of 30 minutes is in place.

Also, all rewards are paid in GGPoker T$ and the prize pool is set depending on the number of players for each game. 

GGPoker T$ Tournament Builder Series Schedule

Every day between UTC 0:17 and 23:47, T$ tournament events take place every 30 minutes throughout the day. Each game has a different buy-in amount so select your game carefully before committing.

Check out the complete GGPoker T$ Tournament Builder Series Schedule below. 

0:17T$ Builder $2$2.00
0.47T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
1.17T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
1.47T$ Builder $1$1.00
2.17T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
2.47T$ Builder $2$2.00
3.17T$ Builder $1$1.00
3.47T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
4.17T$ Builder $2$2.00
4.47T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
5.17T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
5.47T$ Builder $1$1.00
6.17T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
6.47T$ Builder $2$2.00
7.17T$ Builder $1$1.00
7.47T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
8.17T$ Builder $2$2.00
8.47T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
9.17T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
9.47T$ Builder $1$1.00
10.17T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
10.47T$ Builder $2$2.00
11.17T$ Builder $1$1.00
11.47T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
12.17T$ Builder $2$2.00
12.47T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
13.17T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
13.47T$ Builder $1$1.00
14.17T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
14.47T$ Builder $2$2.00
20.17T$ Builder $2$2.00
20.47T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
21.17T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
21.47T$ Builder $1$1.00
22.17T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
22.47T$ Builder $2$2.00
23.17T$ Builder $1$1.00
23.47T$ Builder $0.25$0.25

What Are T$ and How Do You Use Them?

GGPoker T$, or Tournament Dollars, are a closed currency. Once players earn T$, they can use them back on the poker platform. 

Often, bettors can build up their T$ bankroll and use the currency for tournament buy-ins and staking on selected games.

Currently, players can earn Tournament Dollars in two ways. First, you can win them in the T$ Tournament Builder Series through daily games. Alternatively, GGPoker sometimes provides T$ through giveaways and other prize rewards.

When you get T$ currency in your account, you cannot withdraw it. But the Tournament Dollars never expire and you can find plenty of games and competitions to use them on at GGPoker.