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New Splash feature now live at GGPoker

07 Jun 2022
Conrad Castleton 07 Jun 2022
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  • GGPoker launch new 'Splash' feature
  • Get revenge on your opponents with this new fun addition!
GGPoker's newest feature, Splash, gives players a fun way to express their emotions at the poker tables.

The new Splash feature gives GGPoker players a unique way to express how they feel after a tough loss at the table. Players can either throw an egg at their opponent, or douse them with a bucket of water!

GGPoker Splash is designed to allow players to vent their frustrations in a fun way and get their own back against an opponent who may have won against the odds.

The two Splashes currently available can be earned when specific conditions are met in GGPoker games, such as an unfortunate outcome in a hand.

A Splash can only be used against the opponent involved in the qualifying hand, and  not thrown indiscriminately at an innocent player.

Other Splash actions will be added in the coming months.

GGPoker spokesman Paul Burke said: "It's almost impossible to take every piece of bad luck on the chin at the tables; when your aces are cracked by seven-deuce offsuit, it stings. Splashes are a fun revenge, allowing you to unleash a bucket of water of gooey egg at the villain. You won't get your chips back, but you could feel a tiny bit better about the situation!"

More fun splashes will be made available to players in the near future.

To try out Splash, simply log in to your GGPoker account and start playing!

If you're yet to join this global poker room, register at the official website using the GGPoker bonus code NEWBONUS.

New players can claim GGPoker's biggest welcome bonus by using the GGPoker bonus code NEWBONUS when registering. $600 bonus is available to new players.

As well as splashing a player, you can now react to other poker players by giving them a thumbs up or a thumbs down. All users, even those who are sitting out are able to send bet reactions. Either right click if playing on PC, or long press on Mobile to open the react options!